German Military Mulls Scrapping Sex Ban on Bases | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 21.04.2004
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German Military Mulls Scrapping Sex Ban on Bases

Couples serving in the German military might soon be able to get intimate in their barracks: Defense ministry officials are planning to scrap a regulation preventing soldiers from having sex on military bases, saying the guideline is no longer compatible with societal norms. About 9,300 women currently serve in the military, which has a total of about 271,000 troops. The old regulation has put a strain on couples, especially while on duty abroad, as soldiers are not allowed to leave military bases. According to the proposed new rules, officers will have to make sure that couples are given adequate space and privacy. It's still unclear whether the change will only apply to married couples or others in long-term relationships as well, a defense ministry spokesman told DW-WORLD. Gay and lesbian couples could also benefit from the new rules as they can officially register their partnerships with the state in Germany.