German Man Refuses to Testify Early in the Morning | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 23.02.2007
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German Man Refuses to Testify Early in the Morning

What would you do if you were asked by the police to testify early in the morning? One German man said: Nein, danke!

A young man taking a nap in a green field

If you want something, you should come to me!

In the German city of Aachen -- 65 kilometers (40 miles) west of Cologne -- a young man received a letter from the police, asking him to go to the police station and testify in an ongoing investigation.

Instead of showing up, as expected, the young man sent a letter to the police politely expressing his utmost displeasure.

"Thank you for your friendly invitation to the hearing," the young man wrote. "I really don't feel like getting up so early in the morning -- especially not for the police."

No means no

A police stop sign

The police can also be friendly and accomodating

"Please don't bother me with your nonsense anymore," the man wrote. "If you want anything, you can come to me."

After overcoming the initial shock of realizing that obedience should not be taken for granted, but also showing no remorse for bothering the free-minded citizen with "their nonsense," the police did exactly what the young man told them.

On Thursday morning, they went to visit the self-confident rebel. They wished him a good morning and conducted the hearing at his place.

The official World Cup motto got it right: Germany is the right place to make friends.

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