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German Man Evicted for Laughing

A jolly Berliner whose proclivity for giggling irritated his neighbours and landlord has been evicted on charges of laughing too often, too loudly.


Stop smiling

The stereotypical German has no sense of humour. One Berlin man who failed to fit the mould laughed too much and has landed on the street as a result.

Juergen Olschewski, 59, of the working class district of Wedding, got kicked out for "violating the rules", Reuters reported.

In a country often accused of lacking a sense of humour but proud of its long joking traditions, this story is sure to get eyes rolling.

Olschewski apparently violated no other rules in the buildin where he once quite happily lived.

"You have been charged with violating the rules: causing disturbing noises," the state building association said in its eviction notice, the Bild newspaper reported.

An agent for the building cited "too many complaints" to justify the man's continued tenancy.
through loud laughter."

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