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German held over attack on British ambassador in Yemen

Authorities in Yemen have detained four men, including a German, over a failed suicide attack on a British ambassador's envoy in April. An al Qaeda wing in Yemen had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Map of Yemen

The attack occured in Sana'a on April 26

Authorities in Yemen are holding four men, including a German, in connection with a failed suicide bomb attempt on a British ambassador's life in April.

The German man, along with a suspect from Iraq and two from Yemen, are being questioned by authorities.

On April 26, a man wearing an explosives belt threw himself at Ambassador Timothy Torlot's car traveling through Sana'a and detonated the bomb. The bomber was killed, and three bystanders were injured, but Torlot survived the attack.

Later, an al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bombing raised questions about Yemen's ability to tackle domestic terrorism and fight al Qaeda.

Author: Matt Zuvela (AP, AFP, Reuters)

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