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German filmmaker Alex Schaad grabs gold at Student Oscars

Munich film student Alex Schaad won gold at the Student Oscars in Los Angeles for his social media thriller. Another German director took second place at the awards ceremony for up-and-coming film talents.

Alex Schaad impressed judges with his social media thriller "Invention of Trust," reaping him one of the most esteemed honors in the US film industry for up-and-coming filmmakers. Schaad won the gold" award in the Foreign Narrative" category.

His film tells the story of a young high school teacher who learns that a company has bought up his Iiternet and cell phone data, only to later blackmail him with the information.

The three winners in the "Foreign Narrative" category were announced weeks ago, but it was only at the awards ceremony the evening of September 22 in Los Angeles that the order was revealed.

Another German filmmaker, Felix Ahrens, took silver with "Where the Woods End," and Klara Kochanska, of Poland, took bronze with "Tenants."

als/kbm (with dpa)

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