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German election: Merkel's to lose?

Merkel or Schulz? The chancellor looks unbeatable. But could the smaller parties tip the balance in the race for the chancellery? Our guests: Petra Pinzler (Zeit), Derek Scally (Irish Times), Christiane Meier (ARD)

Watch video 26:00

Our guests:


Petra Pinzler is Correspondent for the weekly "Die Zeit" in Berlin. She says: "Merkel will be the next chancellor. So the interesting question during this campaign is: Which small party leader will win the seat next to Merkel?"



Derek Scally is correspondent for the Irish Times. He says: "Germany's isn't just sleep-walking to election day: with serious unresolved challenges it is sleep walking into its next economic crisis."



Christiane Meier is correspondent for ARD Television in Berlin, honored with the German TV award 2017 for her interviews with German politicians. She says: "No strategy against the far right AfD. Parties and journalist struggle, how to fight the racist newcomer. The challenge might be a chance."