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German court sentences men for throwing grenade at asylum center

A German court has sentenced several men to prison for throwing a dud grenade at an asylum center, in what the court said was a dispute over a security contract. No one was injured in the attack.

A German court on Friday sentenced three men to several years in prison for lobbing a grenade at an asylum center in the southern town of Villingen-Schwenningen in January.

Prosecutors said the attack was likely the result of a dispute between rival security companies and not directed at asylum seekers.

The grenade did not explode, and the court had to determine whether the accused went out with the intent of killing or wounding someone.

One man was sentenced to three years in prison and another to three years and six months for attempted murder.

A third man was sentenced to three years and six months for incitement.

Two other men were handed suspended sentences and another was acquitted.

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cw/bwt (AP, dpa)


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