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Living Planet

German City Makes Solar Roofs on Buildings Compulsory

The German town of Marburg plans a new law to make the installation of solar energy systems compulsory for all new houses and buildings that are being renovated.

close up of a solar cell

Harnessing solar energy will soon be a must in Marburg

Aside from wind power, most research into renewable forms of energy generation has been into solar power here in Germany. In the city of Marburg, in the German state of Hessen, the mayor wants to make the installation of solar systems (hot water/heating systems and solar panels) compulsory for all new houses.

The proposed law would also apply to anyone renovating or adding additions to older houses, as well as upgrading old heating systems. Reactions have been loud and varied.

While the majority of people agree something needs to be done to reduce dependence on oil, coal and gas, critics question whether forcing people to make the change is the right path to an environmentally friendly future.

Reporter: Olivia McGrath

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