German Charter Flight Forced into Emergency Landing | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 18.10.2008
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German Charter Flight Forced into Emergency Landing

The German air carrier XL Airways has confirmed that one of its aircraft had to make an emergency landing Saturday, Oct. 18 in Belgrade.

Boeing 737-800 in Gol Airlines livery

The XL Boeing 737-800, like this one from Gol Airlines, had to land with engine trouble

The Frankfurt-based firm said its Boeing 737-800 with 188 passengers and crew landed following a warning of an unspecified "engine problem" in the cockpit, spokesman Asger Schubert told the DPA news agency.

Schubert denied Serbian media reports claiming that one of the plane's engines caught fire.

Smoke was seen coming from one of the plane's two engines and firefighters doused the aircraft with foam when it landed, he added.

The pilot reported engine failure before entering Serbian airspace and asked for permission to land in Belgrade, the spokesman said.

"Passengers were safely evacuated and nobody was injured," a spokesperson for Belgrade airport said.

The aircraft was flying from Frankfurt to Antalya in Turkey. Passengers were to be transferred to Turkey with another engine during the day.

XL was founded two years ago. It charters planes to travel agencies, mostly for destinations in the Mediterranean basin.

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