German Chancellor Angela Merkel injured in skiing accident | News | DW | 06.01.2014
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel injured in skiing accident

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been injured in a cross-country skiing accident. The injury has forced her to cancel a number of meetings and will work from home for much of the next few weeks.

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Angela Merkel injured in ski accident

Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Monday that the chancellor fell while cross-country skiing in the Engadin region of Switzerland while on vacation.

After her return to Berlin, the chancellor sought medical treatment on Friday for what she thought was bad bruising, and a so-called infraction - an incomplete bone fracture- was found in her pelvis, Seibert said.

He said Merkel had been advised to rest as much as possible over the next three weeks and not to fly.

As a result, some meetings have been canceled - including a planned visit to Poland on Wednesday and a reception for the prime minister of Luxembourg on Thursday in Berlin.

Seibert said the chancellor would, however, continue working at home, and would also head Wednesday's cabinet meeting.

German skis

It has not been reported where exactly the accident happened, or the circumstances under which it occurred.

There is some question around the age of the skis that Merkel was using at the time.

Her skis are Germina Alpha CS, made between 1992 and 1995 in Germany.

The company's website had previously said the chancellor had been seen in the Swiss resort of St Moritz on the Germina skis. It noted: "While the skis are no longer the newest, they are German skis!"

One of Germina's managers had commented to the Bild newspaper that the chancellor should perhaps think of investing in a new pair of skis, as, with regular use, the skis lost some of their effectiveness after about 10 years.

jm/tj (dpa, AFP)

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