German Business Confidence Tumbles | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 27.10.2008
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German Business Confidence Tumbles

German business confidence fell sharply in October, a key survey said, as the world financial crisis triggered panic selling on global stock markets and fears grew about a looming recession.

A German soccer fan wipes away tears after his team lost the European Championship final

German companies aren't confident about their future prospects

As the economic gloom spreads around the world, Germany's closely watched Ifo business confidence index, released Monday, Oct. 27, dropped more than expected to 90.2 points this month from 92.9 points in September.

Analysts had predicted that the index, which is drawn up by the Munich-based economic institute, would fall to 91.

Based on a survey of 7,000 German executives, the October report comes in the wake of a slew of major economic sentiment surveys, which are pointing to a bleaker outlook taking shape across Europe.

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