German Beef Sold Without BSE Test | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 02.02.2004
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German Beef Sold Without BSE Test

A second case of beef being sold without the compulsory BSE test has come to light in the eastern German state of Brandenburg. The local police spokeswoman Bärbel Cotte-Weiß told news agency DPA on Monday that a butcher from Uckermark is suspected of selling beef to a retailer without conducting the compulsory "Mad Cow" disease test. This is the second case to come to light in the state. Action is also been taken against a man from Steintoch in Brandenburg for selling more than 200 cattle without conducting BSE tests. Around 30 cattle were used as feed for animals in a zoo. Cotte-Weiß said it’s not yet clear where the remaining meat went.