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German-American journalist Moore freed in Somalia

Michael Scott Moore, a German-American journalist held hostage in Somalia for 2.5 years, has been freed. He was abducted when working on a book on piracy.

On Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry confirmed that "a German citizen who also holds US citizenship and who was kidnapped in Somalia, was freed today." He is said to be in good health and was taken to a "safe place" for health checks and psychological assistance, the ministry announced.

The ministry would not, however, give any details on whether a ransom, which his captors had demanded, had been paid.

Michael Scott Moore, who had worked for Germany's Spiegel Online among other outlets, was abducted when researching a book on pirates in the Somali town of Galkayo in January 2012.

"We never lost hope and are celebrating with Michael and his mother, Marlies, that this nightmare has finally come to an end," Spiegel Online editor-in-chief Wolfgang Büchner said.

US and German authorities had tried to negotiate Moore's release. He had been held in various locations in Galmudug state, an autonomous region in central Somalia, according to officials there.

ng/mkg (dpa, AP, Reuters)

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