Gavin R. from Perth, Western Australia | Made in Germany - The Business Magazine | DW | 29.07.2004
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Made in Germany

Gavin R. from Perth, Western Australia

Gavin R. from Perth, Western Australia hopes for a return to traditional values.


  • Name: Gavin R.
  • Age: 25
  • Occupation: IT Consultant
  • City / Country: Perth, Western Australia

    1. What are your goals?
    To witness to the world the grace of God through his son, Jesus Christ.

    2. What do you think must change in your country / in the global economy for economic advancement?

    Return to traditional values, de-emphasis on profit as the only business motive

    3. Which countries and their economic situation interest you most?
    Israel, Iraq, USA, Australia

    4. Where are your special interests?
    -The development of globalization and world trade

    -High Tech - developments and products

    -Information from Europe

    5. How do you receive "Made in Germany" on DW-TV?