Funk: Bowling Alleys Made in Germany | Family Business | DW | 24.03.2009
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Family Business

Funk: Bowling Alleys Made in Germany

Karl-Heinz Funk's business is booming, despite the economic crisis. He is the leading manufacturer of equipment used in bowling alleys. His father Karl, as an 18-year-old, founded the company in 1964.


Funk's company was the first German manufacturer of bowling pin resetting machines. It was an idea that took off not only in Germany, but around the world. In 1985 he purchased the market leader Spellman, catapulting Funk to the top. The numbers speak for themselves: the conmpany has equipped some 44,000 bowling alleys. Located in the western German town of Äpfingen, some 200 employees have ensured turnover of around 20 million euros. Recently, Funk has focused on eastern Europe, achieving double-digit growth rates.

Grit Hofmann

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