From the New Lakeland to Ferropolis – Discovery Trail | On Tour | DW | 02.09.2013
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On Tour

From the New Lakeland to Ferropolis – Discovery Trail

Two decades ago the area around the town of Markkleeberg was dominated by opencast mining.



Now almost all the open pits have been flooded, creating a new lake district. It's one stop on the "coal, steam and electricity" trail.

We start off in the new lake district near Markkleeberg. The town narrowly avoided being torn down by mining companies. And we take a look at Vineta, an art installation on Lake Störmthal that remembers the fate of villages that had to make way for coal mines.

We continue along the "Coal, steam and electricity" bike trail, travelling northwards to the Museum of Industry and Film in Bitterfeld-Wolfen. It's located on the site of what was once Europe's biggest film factory.

Close by is the Zschornewitz power station. The plant and its workers' village are now historically protected sites. The final stop on our journey is Ferropolis, the city of iron. Here gigantic coal excavators provide an unusual backdrop for art installations and concerts.

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New Lakeland to Ferropolison on video

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