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French Socialists To Consider EU Constitution

French socialists will make a decision on whether to support the European Constitution in December.

French socialists will make their important decision on whether they will be support the European Constitution in December. The text is to be put to a referendum in France next year. However socialists have been split on whether to support the constitution. François Hollande, the Socialist Party leader, told the Nouvel Observateur he hopes his party will say "yes" to the constitution after internal consultations. But other leading socialists are vehemently against the constitution. Jean-Pierre Chevenement, a former interior minister, recently condemned the text for being too free market oriented. The party's decision will be very important for France's referendum -- expected to be held in the second half of next year. French President Jacques Chirac has come out strongly in favor of a "yes" vote. (EUobserver.com)

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