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French reality show cast among victims in Argentina helicopter collision

A helicopter collision in Argentina has claimed a number of lives, including those of several cast members of a French reality TV show. The deadly crash occurred in the northern province of La Rioja.

Officials in northern Argentina said that at least 10 people were killed on Monday after two helicopters collided in mid-air.

French nationals participating in a reality show were among the victims, according to officials.

"So far we only know of two Argentine victims," La Rioja province government spokesman Disel Cuneo told AFP.

The province's security chief, Cesar Angulo, told Reuters news agency that there were no survivors.

Weather conditions were good at the time of the crash. Officials have not yet released a possible cause of the collision.

The accident occurred in La Rioja province, which lies some 1,100 kilometers (683 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires.

kms/gsw (AFP, Reuters, dpa)