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French police identify third man in connection with Paris terror attacks

French authorities have named the third attacker involved in the shootings in Paris on November 13. The man, a French citizen, reportedly spent time in Syria prior to staging the attack.

Police have identified the third man involved in the terrorist attack at the Bataclan music venue in Paris last month.

23-year-old Foued Mohamed Aggad, a French citizen from the southern city of Strasbourg on the German border, died in the assault on the Bataclan concert hall on November 13.

Aggad reportedly travelled to Syria with a group of young people in 2013. The other members of the group were imprisoned the following year.

The hunt continues

The Bataclan shooting was part of a series of coordinated attacks around Paris that left 130 people dead in total. The two other gunmen responsible for the 90 reported deaths at the Bataclan were Samy Amimour, 28, and Omar Mostefai, 29, both of whom also lived in France.

Like Aggad, Mostefai and Amimour died in the attack and had spent time in Syria.

Salah Abdeslam, a 26-year-old French national born in Belgium, where the terrorists' ringleader came from, remains on the run.

blc/msh (Reuters, AFP)

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