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Freezing Aid to Palestinians?

German politicians have called for freezing EU aid to the Palestinian Authority after corruption allegations surfaced. Most DW-WORLD readers agreed.


Is Yasser Arafat going under?

The EU should have frozen the aid years ago. Or at least conducted an inquiry - since allegations of abuse have been going on for years. The Palestinians have enough money for terrorism - and if they choose to spend it on killing Israelis rather than feeding their children that is their choice. The continued provision of aid has given the Palestinians little motivation to do things for themselves and progress. Aid should be dependent on taking action against terror, and to working towards a peaceful settlement - it should be discontinued if the Palestinians choose to continue the Intifada. -- M ichelle Moshelian

The EU should freeze all their help to both Arial Sharon and Arafat. The EU should continue their aid to the Paletinian people with direct projects to help them to survive the unjust occupation by the state of Israel for the last 56 years. -- M. Hasan

I've been asking myself for years why Europe has supported Arafat... just to spite the Jews or maybe the Americans? He has stolen and kept his people in misery and ignorance thanks to Euro support! -- Harriette Rodari

If European aid is frozen, the UN continues its current withdrawal, and Israel's input of $1 billion a year also ceases (as will almost certainly happen after the security barrier is complete), there will be a real danger of starvation in the areas controlled by the Palestinian authority. -- Gershom Gale

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