Fischer in Sri Lanka and India | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 20.07.2004
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Fischer in Sri Lanka and India

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer visited the Indian cities of Mumbai and Chennai on Tuesday as part of his ongoing ten-day visit to South Asia. Meeting with intellectuals and anti-globalization activists in Tamil Nadu's capital Chennai, Fischer said that the American way of life had "a certain attractiveness to it", pointing to packed US fast food joints he had seen during his visit in Beijing, Colombo as well as in Chennai. At the same time the foreign minister stressed that no single power, not even the US, could rule the world. Referring to reform of the UN Security Council, an important topic during the minister's Asia trip, Fischer said, "We need a political framework for globalization." Earlier the German foreign minister visited the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo where he urged the importance of restarting stalled peace talks between the government and Tamil separatists and put an end to the 20-year-civil war that has ravaged the island. Fischer is to make a last stop in Pakistan before he heads back to Berlin on Friday.

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