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Fischer Fears Rising Nationalism in Europe

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer fears Europe could experience a rise in "rampant nationalism" and says that without a constitution a 25-member European Union cannot function. In a new book called "Rückkehr der Geschichte" (The Return of History), written before the French and Dutch rejections of the EU constitution, Fischer warns that if a group of founding members of the bloc reject the treaty, it would plunge Europe "into one of the

worst crises in its history. And in the medium-term, I fear there is a the danger of a rampant re-emergence of nationalism with all its consequences within a weakened EU," Fischer wrote in the book, which was published in Germany on Friday. "There will not be a better constitution in the foreseeable future and, without a constitution, an enlarged EU will not really be able to function," he added. In an interview with Friday's edition of Die Welt newspaper, Fischer said: "The rejection of the constitution is going to take us on a long and costly detour in Europe."

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