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Fireworks stand explodes in Poland's Swinoujscie

Polish police have begun investigating a fireworks explosion that destroyed five stands at a Polish-German island. Three people have been injured.

Polish police said on Monday they were still looking for the cause of Sunday's non-fatal spectacle on the Polish portion of Usedom, the Baltic Sea border island shared with Germany. Five sales stands were destroyed and three people were hurt (pictured).

Film footage from the Polish coastal town of Swinoujscie, or Swinemünde in German, on Monday showed fire crews clutching hoses and ducking for cover as fireworks went off as the blaze spread from the gutted remains of one stand to the next.

The Polish television channel TVN24 on Monday put the financial loss at 59,000 euros ($65,000).

Witnesses quoted by German NDR public television said one of those injured was a child. A fire service spokesperson had on Sunday said that the injuries had been minor.

Police said numerous vehicles were also damaged and said they were trying to find out where the fireworks had come from.

One stand owner told TVN24 that holders ran for their lives as the fireworks exploded "because lots of sales items, including decorative knives, flew through the air."

ipj, mg/se (dpa, AFP)

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