Finnish ″Hapanlohko“ Fish Soup | Fish and Seafood | DW | 04.12.2012
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Fish and Seafood

Finnish "Hapanlohko“ Fish Soup

Finnish "Hapanlohko“ Fish Soup

 Finnish "Hapanlohko“  Fish Soup - as prepared by Heikki Purhonen

Ingredient for four servings:

1 burbot, also called an eelpout or mariah, or if not available, monkfish can be substituted.  
1 liter of water
3-4 potatoes
3 onions
50-100 grams of butter
½  bunch of dill
herbs: some bay leaves and allspice seeds.  
salt and pepper

Filet the fish.  Set the filets aside and add them to the soup five minutes before it's done cooking.  
Place the rest of the fish (head, bones, tail, etc.) in a pot with about one liter of water.  Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes on low heat.  In the meantime, peel and dice the potatoes and onions and add to the pot.  Next add the herbs: a few bay leaves and allspice seeds.  Season with salt and pepper to taste - lightly!  Be careful not to overpower the taste of the fish in the soup.  After 20 minutes, strain the soup off.  Thicken it with butter to taste.  Dill can also be added optionally.  Most Finns love dill in their Hapanlohko.  Finally, add the fish filets to simmer for a few minutes and then serve.  Bon appetite! 

This recipe comes to us courtesy of  chef Heikki Purhonen.

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