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Fish and Seafood

Filet of Turbot with a Parsley Infusion on Tandoori Potato Purée

Thomas Bühner was "Cook of the Year 2006", and his restaurant "La Vie" was named "Restaurant of the Year 2006". Not only that: for the first time the Michelin Guide awarded the restaurant two stars in its first year.


Recipe (for four people):
Ingredients 600g turbot (filleted and boned)
fine seasalt
150g extract oil (see below)
2 bunches of flat-leaf parsley
200g potatoes
tandoori seasoning
Preparation Wash the parsley, chop up roughly with the stalks, and purée in a rotary mixer with a little water until completely liquidized. Strain the liquid through a clean cloth, and set aside.
Now, using a syringe, inject the fish with the parsley liquid. This is the basis for the infusion. Salt the filets, place in a vacuum bag with a few spoonfuls of extract oil, and steam in a bain marie for 8-10 minutes at 53°C. Potato Purée Boil the potates in their skins, retain the cooking water. Peal the pototoes and purée with equal amounts of water and oil until smooth and creamy. Season with salt and tandoori powder to taste. Extract Oil 500ml sunflower oil
200g turbot bones (finely chopped)
Marinate the bones in the oil for one hour at c. 65°C, then strain the oil and set aside. Plate Assembly Spoon the purée into the centre of the plate, top with the fish and dress with some oil. Garnish with fried parsley if desired.

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