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Fish and Seafood

Filet of pike served in Spree Forest sauce, with mashed potatoes, sardine Gröstl and caper-linseed oil - A Super Specialty from eastern Germany!

And the restaurant has made it on the gourmet's "must see" list!

Filet of pike served in Spree Forest sauce, with mashed potatoes, sardine Gröstl and caper-linseed oil. In one of Brandenburg's prettiest spots, the town of Burg in the Spree Forest, lies the luxury hotel "Zur Bleiche". For more than 10 years guests have been coming here for relaxation and fine cuisine. Oliver Heilmeyer has been with the hotel since the beginning. As Head Chef he is responsible for hotel meals and for the gourmet restaurant "17fuffzig" or "1750".
21.02.2008 DW-TV euromaxx a la carte Gericht

RECIPE: Serves Four Ingredients: Filet of pike in Spree Forest sauce
4x 120 g pike filets without skin (preferably from the middle of the fish)
20g each of finely diced shallots, cellery, leeks and carrots
50g butter
4 cl white wine
4 cl Noilly Prat
0.25 l cream
Half a lime
Chives, chervil, parsely
Salt & freshly ground white pepper to taste Creamed Potato:
300 g Adretta potatoes (floury variety)
50 g Butter
Approx. 10 ml of liquid cream
Salt, nutmeg Sardine Gröstl
2 pieces of white bread
2 sardines in oil
Nonpareil capers Method:
Melt some of the butter in an appropriately sized saucepan, lightly fry the diced vegetables before adding the white wine and Noilly Prat. Let the fluids evaporate and then add the cream. As soon as the sauce starts to boil add the fish filets and let it simmer gently. After two to three minutes turn the fish, put the lid on the saucepan and let the contents draw for two minutes. Remove the fish, season the remaining sauce with the fresh herbs, salt and lime juice and drizzle over the fish. The mashed potatoes can be prepared as normal. Fry the bread cubes in the remaining butter until golden brown. Then add the finely chopped sardines without draining off the oil and stir together. Pour over the creamed potato. Finally, cut up the capers and mix them with a small amount of linseed oil. Distribute sparingly on the serving plate.

21.02.2008 DW-TV euromaxx a la carte Koch

oliver heilmeyer

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