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FIFA sacks senior official over millions paid in bonuses

An internal investigation has discovered breaches of Markus Kattner's "fiduciary responsibilities." In the past year, FIFA has been rocked by a series of corruption scandals involving top officials.

The football world body on Monday announced that Deputy Secretary General Markus Kattner was "dismissed from his position effective immediately."

"FIFA's internal investigation uncovered breaches of his fiduciary responsibilities in connection with his employment contract," it said in a statement.

At least 15 people and two corporate entities have pleaded guilty in US cases after the Justice Department indicted several dozen officials in 2015, including ex-members of the football body's executive committee.

A source close to FIFA's internal investigation told AFP news agency that millions were paid in bonuses in a contract's terms, which were hidden from audit committees.

"There was enough to determine there was a breach of his responsibilities in connection with his employment contract," the source said on condition of anonymity.

"We are talking about significant sums of money, millions of dollars," the source added.

The German-Swiss dual national served as FIFA's secretary general after Jerome Valcke was also dismissed for irregularities.

Kattner was considered a close ally of ex-FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who was banned from all football-related activities earlier this year over a suspect payment to former UEFA President Michel Platini.

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