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Famine in East Africa - who is to blame?

East Africa is suffering from the worst drought in decades. Famine is widespread. Who's to blame for this? Our guests: Kiflemariam Gebrewold (aid worker), Jörg Kleis, (Africa Blogger), Dagmar Dehmer (Tagesspiegel)

Watch video 25:59

Our guests:

Jörg Kleis is a Blogger und author who writes about Africa. He says: "What we truly need is a vision of European-African relations and how we can complement each other. The Eurocentric notion of 'helping Africa' and 'developing Africa' is not a part of that."


Kiflemariam Gebrewold, worked for different NGO’s in the development aid. One year ago, he came back from etopia, where he has worked for 10 years. His summary is rather disillusioning. He believes: “Development aid programs are useless. Until today no country has been developed through development aid.”


Dagmar Dehmer is an editor at the Berlin based daily Tagesspiegel. She reports on climate and development. She says: "The famine earlywarning system works well. But the humanitarian aidsystem only begins to work, once you see pictures of starving chrildren."