Facebook to introduce emojis in ′like′ button revamp | Follow the Hashtag | DW | 28.01.2016
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Follow the Hashtag

Facebook to introduce emojis in 'like' button revamp

The social media giant has confirmed 'Reactions' will launch in a few weeks, in a change that will allow users to show more emotions than just 'liking'.

Facebook users will have the option of choosing between five different emotions, in addition to the traditional 'like': "angry", "wow", "sad", "haha" and "love."

The original list of reactions by the social media network also included "yay," but was later scrapped after spokesperson told the Bloomberg agency that it was not a "universally understood' emotion, after the company tested reactions" in five different countries before deciding it would go global.

Most reactions from users on social media seemed to welcome the change.

Though the ability to show a wider range of emotions was well received by users, there are still calls for the introduction of a "dislike" button.

And those were not the only suggestions that were made for new Facebook buttons.

Facebook Reactions is scheduled to roll out across the world in the coming weeks, the company confirmed.