European Youth - A Lost Generation? | DocFilm | DW | 27.11.2015
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European Youth - A Lost Generation?

Many young Europeans see no perspective for the future. Jobs are almost impossible to come by and they can only dream of starting a family. As a result many European nations face losing an entire generation.

25.11.2015 DW Doku So tickt Europas Jugend 3

Reporters Joana Jäschke and Matthias Ebet begin and end their journey in Berlin, the city that attracts the highest number of young migrants in Europe.

As the rift grows between rich and poor, pressure is growing on young people. They need to be more flexible than ever before. Many feel abandoned by politicians. What are the implications of more and more young people feeling they are in occupational limbo? Our reporters Joana Jäschke and Matthias Ebert visited young Europeans in nations most badly hit by this problem.

25.11.2015 DW Doku So tickt Europas Jugend 6

Maria Romay represents the Podemos protest party on the city council in Cadiz. She campaigns to help young unemployed people facing eviction.

We head for Spain where more than 50 % of young people are unemployed. Elena, a qualified educationalist has excellent qualifications and has lived abroad but there is no chance of her finding adequate employment in her native Spain. Many frustrated young people in Spain are now turning to the Podemos protest party.

25.11.2015 DW Doku So tickt Europas Jugend 4

UNICEF estimates that more than 30,000 children in Romania are growing up without their parents.

Romania has the highest number of young emigrants in Europe. This is having drastic effects on rural areas as hospitals are forced to close due to a serious lack of medical staff. They are turning their back on Romania in a bid to earn more and escape corruption in their homeland. Villages are especially hard hit as people head abroad in search of employment.

25.11.2015 DW Doku So tickt Europas Jugend 1

Ana loves her job as a high school teacher. But with a monthly salary of just 350 € she is forced to live with her parents and save wherever she can.

Our journey also takes us to Lithuania where strict austerity measures has led to this small Baltic state developing the biggest rift between rich and poor in Europe. For normal employees salaries are so lower they face a daily battle to make ends meet.

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