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European Press Review: Saddam Hussein must be Captured

The editorials of Europe’s newspapers on Monday focused on renewed violence in Iraq and the ongoing hunt for ex-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.


The whereabouts of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein remain unknown.

The British daily The Independent wrote it ought to be embarrassing for President George Bush – who relies on gunslinger rhetoric – that he has not been able to haul in his enemies. The failure to capture Saddam Hussein demonstrates that there are limits to U.S. power, the paper said, adding that the faint echo of the Vietnam War is beginning to affect the American psyche.

The Russian daily, Iswestija, agreed the fact that Saddam Hussein is still apparently waltzing around the country is a slap in the face for America. The paper also said despite the United States’ inability to nab Hussein, the country remains full of itself.

Spain’s El Mundo said that Iraq will not become another Vietnam. The situation is much more like the Palestinian Intifada. Athough some believe that capturing Saddam will

solve everything, El Mundo said it would be optimistic to think U.S. troops stay in Iraq will be less than ten years. After recent incidences of violence in Iraq, an editorial for Italy’s La Repubblica said the Iraqi resistance will only be quelled once the occupying forces will have captured Hussein – dead or alive.