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European Ferries Safe But Risks Remain

Travelling by car ferry has become safer in Europe, but there are still some ships being used which do not meet international safety standards, according to a new survey.

German automobile club ADAC tested 34 ferries in Europe and found that two of them did not meet the standards while six were judged adequate. According to ADAC this year's results were the "best ever" since the first survey in 1996. However, they believe that risks remain. The ferries that failed were the Flaminia, which sails between Olbia, Sardinia and Civitavecchia, near Rome, and the Rodanthi, which shuttles between Piraeus on the Greek mainland and the Aegean island of Paros, writes the International Herlad Tribune. Six other ferries, which had some problems, were all used in the Mediterranean. Ferries in the English Channel, North Sea, Irish Sea and Baltic Sea were only given good or very good marks. (EUobserver.com)

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