European Customs Nabs Smugglers With Millions in Cash | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 21.09.2008
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European Customs Nabs Smugglers With Millions in Cash

A coordinated sweep by European customs agents this month to catch people smuggling cash netted 11 million euros ($16 million) with half the sum seized in Germany, the German customs service said Sunday, Sept 21.


The "stop, customs" sign seemed to have worked on German highways

Motorists carrying money to secret Swiss bank accounts were pulled over on German highways and drug lords moving their takings to safe havens abroad were intercepted at airports.

EU customs services, as well as Tunisia, Norway, Morocco and Croatia, took part in the September 10-17 operation code-named Athena, agents in Cologne said.

Most nations have upper limits for cash exports. In Germany, amounts above 10,000 euros have to be declared.

One Nigerian man caught at Hamburg Airport in Germany was carrying 138,000 euros to Morocco.

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