Europe - What′s Next? | Documentaries | DW | 18.04.2011
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Europe - What's Next?

Over a decade ago, DW sent camera crews to eastern Europe to get acquainted with and introduce the candidates for accession to the European Union.



They wanted to find out what hopes the people had for their countries' EU membership and how they expected it to affect their own lives. Now the reporters have returned to the Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovenia and Lithuania. They have revisited the protagonists of the first series and asked them how the past ten years have treated them and where they stand now – in today's European Union.

Heritage for the Future - A Journey Through the Czech Republic

13.04.2011 DW-TV Im Focus Europa und jetzt Tschechien

Bára Jurkovicova shows us famous shooting locations in Prague

Ten years after our first journey through the Czech Republic, the country is concentrating on its image as a rich cultural centre in the heart of Europe. Its wealthy heritage attracts not only tourists but also film crews from around the globe. A location scout allows us a peak behind the scenes of the legendary Prague studios. We find out how the long-standing Czech car brand Škoda is holding up under the financial crisis and how a former textile worker sees his future. This journey through the Czech Republic reveals how rapidly it’s been changing since the 1989 "Velvet Revolution".

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