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Europe Set To Stop Chinese Shrimp At The Border

The European Union has recommended that the EU suspend imports of some meats and seafood from China due to their antibiotic content.


No more Chinese shrimp for European palates.

The European Union's Veterinary Committee has suggested banning several Chinese products from its bloc, the European Commission said. The recommendation follows the discovery of potent antibiotic drug residues, a potential health risk to humans, in shrimps and prawns imported from China.

The products affected by the ban are rabbit and poultry meat, honey, molluscs, crustaceans, frozen shrimp and prawns, as well as pet food. In 2000, those imports were worth 327.7 million euros, the Commission said, adding that the ban would come into force shortly after the EU executive had formally approved it.

Shrimps from China containing chloramphenicol touched off a food scare which spread through parts of Europe earlier this month.

The Commission will re-examine the situation together with member states by the end of February.

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