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Europe and the Cost of Living: Luxembourg

As fears of a recession circle the globe, DW-WORLD.DE asked people from seven European countries about their impressions of the cost of living. The series continues in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg, Clervaux, Castle

How much would it cost to rent Clervaux Castle?

Leonor was born in France and is currently living in Luxembourg city where she works as a personal assistant. She shares a house in the center of the city with five others.

Monthly income: 2,300 euros ($3,400)

Rent: 550 euros per month ($813)

Monthly utilities: 50 euros ($73.90)

Bus / metro ticket: 1.30 euros ($1.90)

One liter milk: 1 euro ($1.48)

Loaf of bread: 0.80 euros ($1.18)

Domestic stamp: 0.50 euros ($0.74)

Movie ticket: 8.50 euros ($12.55)

To what extent does inflation affect you?

In Luxembourg we don't "feel" inflation like my parents who live in France do for example. Here the salaries are good, so we have more possibilities and it's easy to earn money.

How easy is it for you to get by?

For the first time in my life I don't have a problem at the end of the month, because here the salaries are higher than in other European countries. Of course, the rent and the everyday living are higher too, but still it's easy to have a good lifestyle.

What's your opinion on the European economy?

In the last few months I've felt Europe is not as strong as it used to be. When I talk with my friends in France they say it's becoming harder each day because salaries are blocked but prices are growing.

In Luxembourg salaries are evaluated through indexation, so when the prices grow 0.5 percent the salaries also grow 0.5 percent. This usually happens once a year. However, the problem in Luxembourg is that house prices are growing every month and so it becomes difficult to find a flat to rent or to buy on your own. That's why most people here share a house.

Between France and Luxembourg the economic issues are different, but still these two small examples show us how difficult it will be for us to keep living in Europe and how difficult it will be for foreigners to arrive and work here. In Luxembourg most workers in every sector come from another country.

Nb. Currency conversion based on 1 euro = $1.47840 US

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