euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 06.03.2011
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights

In this highlights edition:

Carnival in Venice
Mysterious masks at the Carnival in Venice are a centuries-old tradition. They once served as disguises for revellers who wanted to remain incognito. Today, the colorful masks are essential accessories. Making them is an art in itself. Behind the magic of the mask.

Villa Mantin – Time Capsule
A French villa has been brought back to life after a 100-year slumber. Former owner Louis Mantin stipulated in his will that the house should be reopened as a museum a century after his death.

Sonja Riker – Super Soups
Cookbook author Sonja Riker's "Suppenglück" got her nominated for a World Best Cookbook award. Riker who owns a restaurant in Munich had already picked up a German Gourmand World Cookbook Award for her book on soups.

Flamenco Festival in Jerez
euromaxx at the annual Flamenco celebration in Jerez. Flamenco has evolved from being a regional folk culture to an internationally recognised dance and music artform. It achieved UNESCO World Heritage status in November 2010.

German Designer Sebastian Herkner
German designer Sebastian Herkner has already won a Red Dot Design Award (2010) and the German Design Prize. Euromaxx looks at his bright ideas for lamps, tableware and even birds’ nests.