euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 19.12.2010
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights

In this highlights edition:

European Capital of Culture – Finale in the Ruhr Region

The final events of the Ruhr region’s 2010 cultural programme include the dedication of an 18 meter high artwork called Hercules.

French singer Yael Naim

French singer Yael Naim has a new CD out called She Was a Boy. Her big breakthrough came when Apple founder Steve Jobs picked her single New Soul for one of his company’s ads. Since then she has sold millions. In 2008 Naim won the French music award Victoire de la musique for World Music Album of the Year.

Handmade in Germany

The Handmade in Germany seal is a new marketing strategy for a group of select German companies producing high-quality, handmade goods. These include the wall-covering company Welter, and audio system producer Burmester based in Berlin.

Modern Places of Worship

Some dynamic examples of new architecture are places of worship. euromaxx gets a tour ofsome of them from architecture critic and author Lukas Feireiss. We visit the new Jewish Center and the Catholic Herz-Jesu Church in Munich.

The Art of Making a Christmas Pudding

Our reporter Mathias Stamm goes to the Grand Hotel Langham for a lesson on how to make this essential part of a British Christmas. Careful preparation is required for the dough, and some planning is required as most Christmas puddings take about two days to make.

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