euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 05.09.2010
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights

In today's highlights edition:

French Coastal Resort Deauville

The seaside resort of Deauville has long been reknowned as a destination for France's upper classes. Napoleon III was a frequent visitor in the 19th century. It’s where the "beautiful people" hang out. Coco Chanel switched from hat making to clothes here and French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent also had a home in Deauville.

Grafenegg Music Festival

The Clouds Tower arena is the €5m centrepiece of the Grafenegg Classical Music Festival in Austria. Founded in 2007 it has been compared to Glyndebourne in Sussex. Visitors picnic in the open air while enjoying world class classical music.

Coaching to Go

Life coach and former ad agency copy writer Dasa Szekely wants to save the world with creativity and encourages her clients to take weekly stock of their feelings.

Illustrator Tina Berning

Portrait of Berlin illustrator with international reputation. Tina Berning's illustrations are in demand the world over. She made her international breakthrough in 2007 with a New York Times Magazine cover depicting Pope Benedict the Sixteenth.

Venice Film Festival

The Venice Film Festival takes place in the unique lagoon city in northern Italy. In 2010 there are 80 world premiere's and films from 34 countries. It’s a busy time for film critic Adrian Prechtel, who we joined for a typical film festival day.

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