Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 23.04.2016
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

The V&A Museum in London puts a spotlight on what’s usually hidden: underwear at the ‘Undressed’ exhibition. The CJ5 house in Vienna makes the most of a narrow floor plan. And: How streaming services changed our lives.

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Highlights of the Week

500 years of the beer purity law

In 1516, Bavarian rulers issued a purity decree to stipulate which ingredients could be used in beer brewing. Although the law is still in effect in Germany, many innovative ideas have been brewing in recent years.

Roman street art

Historical art is everywhere in the Italian capital of Rome. But these days more and more streetart adds to the mix. Triumphs and Laments is a new 500 meter-long riverside mural by South African artist William Kentridge.

Underwear through the ages

The famous V&A museum in London opened an exhibition about underwear through the ages. Titled ‘Undressed’ it showcases what’s usually hidden underneath our clothes. From Long Johns to corsets, there’s a lot to discover.

The CJ5 house in Vienna

A young entrepreneur from the Austrian capital of Vienna bought a plot of land that measured only 5 x 35 meters. But thanks to the innovative ideas of the Caramel architects he now lives in an airy, customized mansion.

Ten years of Spotify

Music streaming service Spotify was founded ten years ago. The Swedish company is now the global market leader with around 30 million paying subscribers. Curated playlists are key to the platform's success story.

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