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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

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Highlights of the Week

On this edition of Euromaxx Highlights:

Christmas illuminations

During the weeks before Christmas, cities around Europe commission impressive illuminations for their shopping streets. They help to put shoppers in a festive mood and encourage them to spend more money on presents.

Festive traditions: the Christmas tree

Christmas is a season with many traditional customs the world over. One of the most important holiday classics in Germany is the Christmas tree. We look at the history and the meaning of this holiday tradition.

Christmas commercials

Every year before Christmas people in Britain discuss which Christmas-themed TV commercial is their favorite. Adverts that evoke the Christmas spirit of sharing and caring are very popular.

Last year’s El Gordo winners

In Spain the holiday season kicks off with the El Gordo Christmas lottery. Thousands of people win some extra cash and in 2014 the staff of the Madrid Wax Museum were among the lucky winners.

Apartment in Copenhagen

Danish fashion designer Michala Wiesneck shows us her home in Copenhagen. Her apartment offers enough room to house her label's studio, which has already featured in a number of fashion magazines.

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