Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 23.11.2015
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

On this edition: German videographer Andi Jansen is the go-to man for beautiful surfing films. An Afghan model came to Germany as a refugee. And: British chef Jamie Oliver has an unfailing instinct for trending topics.

The perfect wave
When high waves are crashing and the world’s top surfers are performing their daredevil tricks, Andi Jansen is in his element. When surfers want to look good in their videos, they turn to the German filmmaker.

Afghan model Zohre Esmaeli
In 1999 Zohre Esmaeli and her family had to leave their native Afghanistan behind and came to Germany. Here she was discovered as a model, but her career came at a price: her family severed all ties with Zohre.

A man of taste
British TV chef Jamie Oliver has an unparalleled instinct for trending topics. May it be money saving recipes or humane meat production. Now he’s got his finger on the pulse of time once again with ‘Everyday Super Foods’.

The Sound of Luxembourg
The German Finance Ministry hosted an event showcasing musicians from Luxembourg. The evening was part of a series of events called 'The Sound of Europe' which aims to highlight the diversity of music from the Eurozone.

Alex Diehl sings for peace after Paris attacks
The Paris terror attacks spurred German singer-songwriter Alex Diehl to write a song calling for peace. The resulting video went viral. He’s in the Euromaxx studio to perform it live.

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