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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

The new album from the French comic series "Asterix“ is out – with current topics. Also, how Dutch designers combine fashion and technology, and a talk with star pianist Lang Lang.

It's out: "Asterix and the Missing Scroll"
Everyone's favourite Gaul is back. It's the 36th adventure of the little hero, and number two for the duo Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad - with a new character called Polemix, an investigative journalist strongly resembling Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Bowlers and umbrellas: Best of British
A new illustrated book tells of the success of British design icons. Horst A. Friedrichs examines traditional brands such as Anderson & Shepard or James Lock. Many of these firms have been making timeless fashion for over a hundred years!

Dutch Design Week: Fashion Technology
Dutch Design Week looks ahead to the future with ultra customized designs. The clothes are created with the help of scanners and 3-D printers.

Lang Lang awarded two Echo prizes
Virtuoso pianist Lang Lang remains the undisputed pop star among classical pianists. He has now won two Echo Klassik prizes: Instrumentalist of the Year in the piano division, and a special prize for his work with the Lang Lang International Music Foundation.

Stairs galore: A townhouse in Lisbon
Townhouses are a rarity in Lisbon. A Portuguese architect tore down one of the many rundown apartment houses in the capital and turned it into a modern but narrow townhouse on 5 floors. From the top, there's a delightful view of the city.

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