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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

On today's edition: our reporter Linda Bethke at the extreme kayaking world championships in Austria, furniture that grows from the root up and Hélène Darroze was named the best female chef in the world.

Extreme kayaking world championships
Extreme Kayaking is said to be the toughest whitewater challenge around. And the Wellerbrücke stretch of the Ache river in the Austrian Ötztal valley is especially infamous. Only the best can master it, so the world championships took place here.

Lighting up Berlin
More than 190 buildings and open spaces are lit up in Berlin. The event expects to attract some 2.2 millon tourists to the German capital.

'Full Grown' furniture
British designer Gavin Munro is fulfilling his childhood dream by having trees grow into the shape of chairs, tables or lampshades. He spent over ten years developing the technique and was able to harvest his first table in January 2015.

The world's best female chef
Hélène Darroze discovered her love of cooking at an early age. Now she runs two restaurants, has two Michelin stars and has been proclaimed best female chef of the year by a British magazine.

Western Andalusia
The Spanish region of Andalusia has a lot to offer for nature lovers. The Doñana National Park is home to the almost extinct Iberian llynx. The region is also world-reknowned for breeding horses and off the coast whales and dolphins can be spotted.

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