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EU Opens Doors for GM Food

A decision by the European Commission last week to roll back a ban on GM food in the EU has touched on strong emotions among DW-WORLD readers.

I am very disappointed and dismayed that the European Commission is yielding to U.S. corporate pressure and accepting modified crops into the continent. It really is a slap in the face to the public, which clearly doesn't want this product. This is clearly force feeding, and represents an affront and disenchfranchisement of the public on a very major level. I had for a time believed that the European governments, at least, had an interest in the well-being and wishes of their citizenry, if the American government does not. What's next at the behest of the American corporate lords? Irradiated foods? -- Dominique Amarante, USA

I believe the communities' concerns over GM food consumption are over-vigorous. Unless the basic life genetics of the food (plant or animal) have been tampered with then the resulting product is still safe for consumption. Central American corn (maize) is the end result of hundreds of years of maize cross breading. The original version was small and hard. It is easy to see the advantage modern corn has over its earliest predecessor. The present value of modern nutrition has to contend with many variables. -- Harold F. Brooks

I would eat GM food. But this isn't about taste, it's about life. GM foods are a tremendous benefit to third-world farmers, who have poor access to pesticides. By opening markets to GM foods, we all will benefit. -- Brian Ganek

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