EU Observers: Bangladesh Elections ″Correct″ | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 31.12.2008
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EU Observers: Bangladesh Elections "Correct"

Election observers from the European Union on Wednesday praised Bangladesh's general elections as "correct and professional."

Bangladesh ex-premier Sheikh Hasina Wajed waving

Bangladesh ex-premier Sheikh Hasina Wajed has urged her rival to accept the result

"The high turn out and the up to now peaceful conduct raise hopes that a return to democracy is possible in Bangladesh," Alexander Lambsdorff, head of the EU observer mission, said in the capital Dhaka.

Now it was important that the new government led by the Awami League of Sheik Hasina Wazed operated with a "sense of proportion," Lambsdorff added. Furthermore, the opposition had to accept the election outcome, Lambsdorff, a German member of the European Parliament, said.

In Monday's elections, an alliance led by the leftist Awami League won a landslide victory, taking 262 of 300 seats. A coalition led by the Bangladesh National Party (BNP) won only 32 seats.

BMP leader Khaleda Zia on Tuesday accused the election commission of vote rigging. Lambsdorff said Zia's remarks had been "regrettable."

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