EU May Consider Peacekeeping Role in Gaza | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 18.02.2004
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EU May Consider Peacekeeping Role in Gaza

The EU's head of foreign policy, Javier Solana has indicated that the EU may consider taking on a peacekeeping role in the Gaza strip if the Israeli government pulls out. Answering questions from journalists about a possible peacekeeping role for the EU, Solana strongly hinted that the EU would be willing to play a part. "We will be open to discuss any possibility", he said. His comments came after a three-hour meeting with the Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei and senior Palestinian officials in Brussels. Earlier on Wednesday the Palestinian Prime Minister called on the European Union to help conduct elections in Palestine. Addressing European Parliamentarians in Brussels on Thursday, Qurei said that elections were "the main item on the agenda." The Prime Minister, who was a key figure in setting up the Oslo peace accords, made a simple declaration to parliamentarians. "We want elections" he said, "I want you to help".