EU Fishing Quotas Agreed for 2005 | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 22.12.2004
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EU Fishing Quotas Agreed for 2005

The EU ordered minor cuts in 2005 national fish hauls on Wednesday, rejecting proposals to close fishing grounds in favor of more limits on the time trawlers can hunt for depleted species like cod.

EU fisheries ministers reached agreement after Joe Borg, the new European fisheries commissioner was forced to drop plans to close about one-fifth of the North Sea to trawlers. The closure was intended to allow the recovery of depleted cod in the North Sea, Irish Sea and the West of Scotland. The ministers instead agreed to limit the time trawlers can spend at sea next year fishing for depleted species like cod. Only Lithuania voted against the deal. France and Britain were among other EU governments with reservations. The Commission’s plans to close certain areas were widely opposed by fishermen. Fish numbers are very low in some areas, scientists have repeatedly warned. The only solution to cod, hake and sole from dying out would be to ban fishing, they suggest. (

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