EU Emblem Outlawed on Polish Plates | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 19.08.2004
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EU Emblem Outlawed on Polish Plates

A Polish person flying the EU flag on his or her car number plate could face a penalty, the Polish Ministry for Infrastructure has warned.

Many EU car number plates now bear the European emblem, indicating the member state inside a circle of stars, but Polish authorities, who introduced new car number plates in 2000 showing the white and red of the nation's flag, don't want to support the trend. A spokeswoman for the Polish Ministry for Infrastructure said the 2000 plates conform to EU rules and "must not be embellished independently." People who want to display the "ring of stars" on their number plates could be punished by the police. According to an European Commission regulation, it is up to member states to decide whether or not to display the EU flag on national car number plates. Poland wants to keep the current version of the number plates for the next two years. (

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