EU Bans U.S. Poultry Imports | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 24.02.2004
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EU Bans U.S. Poultry Imports

Brussels has slapped bans on all poultry products from the U.S. after U.S. authorities announced the outbreak of the bird flu in Texas this week.

Brussels has announced a ban on all poultry imports from the U.S. following the outbreak of the bird flu in Texas. EU spokesman Reiji Kemppinen said on Tuesday in Brussels that the ban included living hens, meat products and eggs. U.S. authorities informed the EU Commission of the appearance of the avian flu near San Antonio on Monday. Experts suspect the detection of the disease in Texas is caused by a virus different to the one in Asia that has claimed at least 22 lives so far. The EU has already slapped import bans on poultry products from Thailand and Vietnam.